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March 26, 2020

Buying a detox kit is necessary if you have a drug test coming up. A drug test can be a huge hurdle to keeping your job, getting a job, or building your life. The right kind of detox kit will not only get your clean but relieve your mind of the fear of failure.

What should you consider before Buying a Detox Kit?

Before you buy a detox kit of any sort, you need to know how to look at a detox kit and find the one that works for your needs, and in the time frame, you require for a pass on your next test—the following things you should consider before you make your purchase.

When is your test?

Getting tested for different substances is never easy. Knowing you have a test coming up allows you to have time to clean yourself out. There are different kits with varying time frames for a detox. You need to buy a kit that will get you clean in the timeframe you have. If you have time for a complete detox, you will be more likely to pass without any problems.

Temporary or Permanent Detox?

When you go looking for a detox kit, you will need to decide what kind of cleanse you need based on your time frame. If you have at least two weeks before your test, you can safely go with a permanent detox kit to ensure you will get fully clean. A permanent detox kit removes all traces of the substances from your body.

A temporary detox will give you a short window to take your test without testing positive for any substance you may have ingested. The short-term window will last for a couple of hours after its completion. You will need to time your test for not long after you complete the last stage of the test.

What kind of test is it?

You are going to have a drug test at work. You will need to know what kind of test it is to clean your body out properly. The kits to cleanse a hair sample test are different than blood, urine, or saliva tests. The proper kit will be the one that cleans your body or your hair completely out.​​​​

What kinds of substances do you need to clean out?

When you look for a kit to clean yourself, you need to consider all the substances you need to remove from your body. The kits will have a panel box that will show you all the different substances it removes from your body from marijuana through PCP. They can be single cleanse kits or ones that do upwards of twelve different substances.

Buy the kit that will get you a permanent or temporary detox to get you through your drug test. Make sure you know your time frame and your substance list so that you will get completely clean.

What is Toxin Rid?

Toxin rid is a detox kit that will help remove any harmful chemicals that enter your body. These chemicals include foreign drugs or elements that can cause you to fail a drug test. They have multiple kits to choose from that will eliminate drugs and substances of all sorts from your body.

The kits use the best natural minerals, vitamins, and herbs to give you anything from a ten-day detox that is a permanent detox to one day. The Toxin Rid system removes all unwanted drugs in your blood, urine, and saliva.

What are the Benefits of Toxin Rid?

The benefits of the Toxin Rid system start on the first day you start the program. You will need to follow the instructions and program to the letter for them to work. Choosing the right type of program from the start is where you need to begin.


The kit is a three-step cleanse no matter what time frame of kit you buy, it will cleanse you step by step. The kits come with a pre-determined packet of pre rid tablets, liquid detox, and dietary fiber. Only the packages of the pre-rid tablets change in amount for the time frame you purchase.

Toxic Exposure

You buy your kit with the time frame you have to get clean, but also your level of toxic exposure. The program works to remove more than just THC from your body, but concentrates, edibles, vape pens, and waxes that can cause extremely high levels of toxicity in your body. The more time you have, the greater chance you have to get rid of high levels of toxicity.

How it works

You will take three tablets with sixteen ounces of water every five hours without exceeding fifteen tablets in a single day. You must take the pre rid tablets at the same time every day you have to cleanse. You also need to eat a well-balanced diet of fresh vegetables, fruit, and lean meats during the detox, while avoiding junk food that can cause you to retain more toxins in your body.

On the last day of your detox, you will fast for two hours before taking half of the detox liquid and fasting for another two hours before taking the rest. You will be able to resume your eating and drinking like normal thirty minutes after you are finished. You do not need to take the dietary fiber, but you can take it one hour before your test with a lot of water consumed over at least fifteen minutes and multiple bathroom breaks.

What is good and Bad about Toxin Rid?

Toxin Rid is perfect for a quick temporary clean or permanent detox through multiple things that make it perfect for your needs regardless of how long you have to get clean.

What we like

  • The detox uses all-natural ingredients your body needs to be healthy.
  • The kit is a three-part cleans to ensure a complete clean.
  • Even if you have high levels of toxicity in your body, you can get clean.
  • You can become clean from THC, Concentrates, Vape pens, waxes, and edibles.
  • The kit cleanses your urine, blood, and saliva for unwanted toxins.
  • The kit contains no animal products or fillers, so it is safe for vegetarians.


  • Even the one-day detox is not cheap.
  • If you have extreme toxicity in your body and limited time to get clean, you are more likely to fail.
  • You must follow the instructions for it to work completely.
  • If you are a larger person, you might need a kit with a longer timeframe.
  • You will spend a lot of time in the bathroom while you detox.

The reviews for Toxin Rid are positive and negative. The majority of the results indicate that the product works for low and high levels of toxic exposure. Following the instructions to the letter and refraining from ingesting more toxins is extremely important for success. A clean environment is also a must because you can ingest more toxins into your body by being in a home where toxin byproducts end up on every surface.

Many of the complaints indicated that larger size and frequent use were more likely to fail. The successful test-takers indicated that going through the detox is not pleasant, but following the instructions completely and becoming as healthy as possible within the timeframe you have will result in a pass.

What do we think about Toxin Rid?

Toxin Rid is one of the few good detox programs on the market that will get your clean quickly. It is not cheap, but it works. Toxin Rid will help you get through your drug test with a pass even though it is not pleasant to go through for most people. You will need to be near a bathroom for much of the program.

If you ingest large amounts of other toxic substances that could cause you to fail your test, you will need to ensure you have the right kit to get your clean. The toxin rid will remove most types of chemicals from your body, but if you have concerns, you will not get clean, buying flush drink might help you on the way to completely clean.

Final Thoughts

The Toxin Rid programs will help you get clean in the right time-frame you need. The Toxin Rid system is easy to use, while not completely pleasant; it will get you clean for your next drug test. If you are at all concerned, you will not pass, getting one of these kits will give you peace of mind when you take your test.

The Toxin Rid program is three stages for detox that will ensure you get clean from your cells outward. You need to know what kind of detox will work best for your situation, either temporary or permanent. The permanent will get you cleaner than the temporary, but time is always something you need to consider.

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