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Stewart Davies
March 6, 2020

I consider myself a risk-taker, with several risks I remember taking without a blink. But there’s one thing I can’t afford to blunder, and that’s a drug test. I like having fun on weekends and don’t think anyone has the right to rob me that whatsoever. 

While I’m careful when partying, sometimes you might just mess up. I imagine my boss coming on Monday and demands a mandatory drug test, which is common in the US. I love my job and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Luckily enough, I’m sure of one product that’s reliable to save the headache and my job. Meet Testclear. Their most popular product is the Powdered Urine Kit. Most companies offer liquid form urine for passing a drug test. While it requires a little preparation and mixing, it’s a straightforward process with company instructions to follow.

So, how does this product work? This urine kit comes packaged with four components, including:

  1. A container containing the powdered urine
  2. A 50ml plastic medical passage vessel that has a blue cover
  3. A temperature band which is attached to the 50ml container
  4. Two air triggered heaters included in an elastic packing

Using these components, all you need is to follow the provided guidelines cautiously and precisely for an effective outcome. Failure to follow these steps will lead to disappointments from your errors.


  1. Transfer the powdered urine into the small container to the larger tube
  2. Fill this tube with water entirely and close the lid. Then, shake well to mix and dissolve the powder thoroughly.
  3. Peel the paper strip from the heater package and attach it opposite to the temperature strip at the tube’s back.
  4. Confirm the temperatures (90 – 99 degrees) before performing the test

If the temperature is lower than the recommended, it will compromise the test results. The powdered urine has every crucial chemical that is present in human urine. Only water comes as an external ingredient for the solution. 

Also, this urine is toxin-free and only has the required chemicals that should be present in the normal urine.

What we like

  • Straightforward instructions and use
  • High percentage of success rate during tests
  • Works perfectly


  • Untested for medical qualities
  • Failure to follow instructions will compromise results
  • Bibendum ispum dolor elit

Test Clear’s Powdered Urine gets a five-star rating. It surpasses all other urine test products in the market.

The US is nearing full authorization of marijuana use. However, companies might still need drug testing. Leisure weed used seldom or during weekends may extensively remain in your system. You may be sober, yet have levels of THC in your system that indicate positive on a drug test.

Searching for the ultimate in safe, effective, and affordable marijuana or THC test kit? This product screens your system for any traces of THC, giving you the heads up on any alarms. If you have been exposed to any substantial toxin levels before that health screening or drug test, you will know.

Frequently, marijuana urine tests give the most precise results. Therefore, Test Clear offers you a detailed analysis with results available within five minutes. To test it, you insert the strip in your urine sample, wait for a while, and watch the results.

Interpreting the Marijuana Drug Test Results

If you see one line, that indicates a positive result. If they are two, that shows that your THC levels are low and cannot cause a positive during the drug test. Positive results are triggered by a more than 50gn/ml marijuana concentration.

The tests are 99% accurate and are accessible for instant delivery at factory-direct prices. However, if the control lines do not show, then that means you used small sample volume or improper practical techniques. So, you should repeat the test with a new trial piece.

What we like

  • Accurate results
  • Fast and reliable process
  • Comes with 25 marked THC test strips
  • Easy to use the kit


  • If you dip below the marking, the results fail
  • Re-testing first results may be necessary

Marijuana Drug Test Kit attains a five-star rating for its accuracy and reliability.

The Toxin Rid program includes a three-part cleansing system through dietary fibre, a liquid detox, and pre-rid tablets. People with light levels of toxin exposure, for instance, irregular weekend smokers, can use the one-day program.

For those with high levels of toxin exposure (frequent smokers), the 7-day and 10-day program is suitable for them. Alternatively, they also have another option called the 5-day program.

Toxin Rid has a 100% money refund guarantee, which is your best motive to purchase products from Test Clear. In case the product fails to work, you should send recorded evidence and follow the refund’s terms and conditions.

The Detox programs work for not only THC but all toxins. This includes toxins that are concentrated, such as waxes, edibles, and vape pens. However, detoxification time may double in these specifics due to the high THC concentration levels.

Toxin Rid is natural and has no grouts, synthetics, or animal products. This product uses minerals, herbs, and vitamins to carefully and efficiently clean toxins from your body system. Within an hour, Toxin Rid will purify your urine, saliva, and blood of undesirable drug toxins.

The toxin elimination program kits have all you want to pass a drug test. It comes with an instruction sheet that provides pre-test guidelines. This includes mixing the product, heating it to room temperature, and how to get the sample in an unverified drug screening.

Each program has a similar procedure, but the 1-day program would progress quicker than the lengthy 10-day package.

What we like

  • It’s quick and reliable
  • Has a high success rate
  • The 5-day program has a one-day bonus
  • It’s a legit product


  • Big and unpleasant pills
  • Nasty liquid drink
  • It’s costly

Toxin Rid gets a five-star rating. Though expensive, the results for these pills, no matter the program, are incredible. Weed smokers can testify.

4. Air Confirm Regular Hair Drug Testing Kit

The hair follicle drug testing is among the most reliable drug testing methods today. Mainly, it’s used by law enforcement agencies and other similar organizations. The process is very accurate and provides a drug history of up to 90 days. Hair follicle drug testing has been verified to be more subtle compared to Saliva and Urine testing.

HairConfirm ranks as the first hair follicle multi-drug testing kit. It’s designed precisely to provide a complete drug use history of 90 days. Using an easy home-based hair collection process, a sample of your hair can be fast and quickly taken. Then, it’s sent to Test Clear’s lab via the pre-paid freight envelope included.

HairConfirm tests for the five most common drug categories and is obtainable with immediate shipping, via HairConfirm Express. Also, it’s accessible via regular mail. The product is 100% confidential, that is, you’re not required to provide any personal info.

Each test set comprises collection equipment, full guidelines, pre-paid freight envelope, and the lab examination fees. Testclear labs are ISO Accredited as well as CAP and CLIA Certified. They also have the GC/MS Confirmation.

The following drugs are screened by the Hair Confirm hair drug testing Kit:

  1. PCP or Phencyclidine
  2. AMO or Amphetamine
  3. Marijuana (THC)
  4. Cocaine and Cocaine Metabolites
  5. Opiates, such as Codeine, -monacytel Morphine and Morphine
  6. Ecstasy or MDMA
  7. mAMP or Methamphetamine

What we like

  • You get super-fast results
  • The product is outstanding and precise
  • Easy to use (includes four steps)
  • Confidentiality


  • Taking and processing hair samples can be expensive
  • A high quantity of hairs can result in delays
  • Could display drugs used a long time ago

We give HairConfirm a four-star rating. Being able to test five drugs within ten minutes …that’s incredible!

SalivaConfirm is a one-step test. The 5-Panel Saliva Drug Screen spots oral metabolites of five of the most common drugs of misuse. This process takes no more than ten minutes to complete. 

Saliva screening shows a color changing saliva sign which updates the donor of accessible sample collection. If it turns red or pink or there’s a faint visible line adjacent to the labelled target drug, the result is considered negative. However, if there’s no line at all, that indicates a positive outcome. Results are termed invalid via an absence of this line at the control position (C).

This helps to stop the risk of unacceptable drug test results. This gauge aids to cut invalid effects that make the testing procedure hard for officers and givers. Also, it lowers the general expenses for re-testing.

What we like

  • Easy to use
  • Good customer care services
  • Quick shipping
  • Discounts available for buying in bulk


  • The process may fail

TestClear has been doing the detoxification business for more than 23 years now. Because of this, the company has gained the spot of being the top-reviewed firms in its industry. They have a wide variety of products, plus shampoos, which assists you to pass those drug tests and screenings.

The Powdered Urine is well-known for not only excellence in unofficial urine tests, but also for using human urine other than synthetics. If a drug screening comes to your attention before the material day, you can use Testclear’s herbal detoxification product. It cleanses saliva, blood, and urine. Their shampoo is outstanding for detoxing hair follicles.

The company has distinguished itself in the market by not only offering reliable products for drug tests but also offering a team of drug testing advisors. Test Clear provides verified results and has a responsive customer care service unit. These services are available via chats and email but during the working hours.

Furthermore, some of the products it offers are best for subsections such as detoxing, instant drug tests, planned drug tests, best urine, and marijuana, among others.

Does it contain actual human urine?

According to many clients, it does contain pasteurized and freeze-dried urine. It contains over 3000 different components, but the company hasn’t confirmed the existence of actual urine yet.

Is it Detectable?

It has uric acid and urea as components, making it doubtful for detection. Unless a comprehensive examination is conducted (which is unusual), the exposure remains as mentioned.

Have there been failures?

To be honest, that’s inevitable. But you can focus on why it failed instead, which involves human error. So, be sure to follow the provided instructions from the manufacturer.

Is Test Clear available on Amazon?

Most of these products are stocked in large retailers such as Amazon. However, it’s recommendable to purchase from the manufacturers for more original products.

Warranty and Refund Policies

Test Clear offers shipping policies including shipping methods, cut off times, holiday shipping, Acts of God, Order Cancellations, rejected packages, among others.

The Return Policy states that it rejects the return of unused products because of the product’s nature. All company’s sales are final but can be waived at its discretion. This is ONLY applicable when clients order for slow shipping, which changes to a fast one.

They also offers a Satisfaction Guarantee.

For more info, visit here.

What Customers Say

According to 93% of clients that purchase from Testclear, most of them give the company a four-star or five-star rating. That is 4.7 out of 5.0.

The testimonials define the products as remarkable, citing they work perfectly for their intended purposes. Their detox kit has gained prevalence as a great product and informative, as well as the components of each product.

Overall, Test Clear is worth the rating.

Final Thoughts

Don’t waste your money or try fictitious medicines you available online, or risk failing that drug test. Save yourself nuisances, time, and coinage by getting your detoxication program from the one brand you must trust.

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