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February 3, 2020


More than half of all American adults have used marijuana at some point in their lives, with 55 million people (22% of U.S citizens) currently using the drug. With medical marijuana now legal in 33 states, and the use of non-medical cannabis now legal in eleven states, attitudes towards the drug are changing throughout the nation.


However, out of the 35 million Americans that admit to being regular marijuana users, many are still using pot illegally. These people could be subject to drug testing for employment, medical, or legal reasons.


Drug testing is now an industry-standard in many countries, and THC levels are the are most commonly tested variable. Even though many countries have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, the law still allows employers to deny employment based upon a failed THC drug test.


For this reason, many people are seeking fool-proof methods to pass marijuana drug tests. This is the case even when they only have a short time in which to clear their bodies of any THC traces.


Is this possible? Are there fool-proof ways to pass a marijuana drug test? There are many ways to reduce your chances of failing saliva, blood, urine, and hair tests. However, there is one way to beat them all. In this piece, we’ll explain each of these methods in detail.


How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?


THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive chemical in marijuana that gives people a ‘high’ feeling. It’s this chemical that drug tests look for, and it can stay in the body for several days or weeks.

The amount of time that THC stays in the body or can be detected in a drug test can depend on several variables. These include:


  • How often you consume marijuana.
  • How much body fat you have.
  • How much you smoke.
  • The sensitivity of the drug test.


Drugs like alcohol can completely vanish from the body in only a few hours, but cannabis can be traced for much longer. Drug testing kits can detect TCH in the blood, urine, and hair for many days and weeks after use. However, due to the way that the body metabolizes THC, saliva tests can only find THC for a couple of hours after use.


THC is lipid-soluble, meaning that it can bind to fats within the body. This process increases the amount of time that it takes for you to eliminate THC from your body completely.


Detection Windows for Marijuana


Research available on the length of time that a drug test can detect marijuana show a range of averages. A research paper from 2006 estimates the detection window from one single marijuana cigarette to be around three days.


However, detection windows always vary, and they depend on how much and how often you smoke marijuana. For instance:


  • If you smoke marijuana for the first time, it could be detected for up to three days.
  • If you smoke marijuana three or four times a week, the detection window increases to 5-7 days.
  • Those of you who smoke marijuana daily or more frequently, tests may detect the drug in our system for a month or longer.


These detection windows depend on the quality and efficiency of the test a person undertakes. However, generic estimates for various marijuana drug tests are as follows:


  • Saliva tests can detect marijuana from between 24 and 72 hours after use.
  • Urine tests can pick up traces of marijuana in urine from between 3-30 days after use.
  • Hair tests are the most sensitive, sometimes detecting marijuana for up to three months after use. However, due to the amount of oil in the skin that can transfer to our skin, these tests can sometimes show a false positive. This means that theoretically, a person that comes into contact with a marijuana user could test positive during a hair test.
  • Blood tests can only pick up traces of THC for 3-4 hours after use.


Different Types of Drug Test for Marijuana




Drug tests that are conducted professionally are generally more accurate, more expensive, and offer deeper insights into people’s marijuana use. There are four main types of professional drug test. These include swab (saliva test), urinalysis (urine test), blood tests, and hair follicle tests. Perspiration tests can also be administered, but this method is relatively uncommon.


Blood Tests


Blood tests are the most accurate and invasive form of drug testing. These tests are so precise because they detect the presence of parent drugs rather than their metabolites. Many drugs, such as marijuana and nicotine, are absorbed instantly into the bloodstream, making them easily detectable. 

Blood tests are the most expensive type of drug tests; therefore, they are used less commonly than other methods. For this reason, this method of testing is generally administered for legal purposes or when finances are on the line.


Marijuana use is usually undetectable in blood tests after a few hours. However, in the case of chronic users, it can be detected for over 24 hours.




Over 90% of the 55 million drug tests undertaken every year are completed using urinalysis. No wonder they’re known as the ‘gold standard of the drug testing industry (no pun intended). When you use marijuana, most of the drug is rapidly metabolized. For this reason, the urine tests look for traces of non-psychoactive drug metabolites.


The primary metabolite in marijuana is THC-COOH. This metabolite is fat-soluble and can be picked up in urine for up to 14 days. Although urine testing is incredibly popular, it’s also the easiest type of drug test to cheat using a variety of different methods.


Swab/Saliva Tests


Saliva drug tests are administered to detect any presence of parent drugs. Saliva tests are less invasive than urine tests and much less expensive than blood tests. However, their accuracy is questionable if they are not used correctly.


Minuscule amounts of nicotine from tobacco or THC from marijuana are released into saliva. Therefore, the detection window for these types of drugs is small. This means that the drugs can disappear from saliva within just a few hours of use.


Some traces of drugs enter saliva via diffusion from the bloodstream and can be detected for slightly longer. The relatively low costs and ease of use are key reasons that saliva tests are steadily gaining popularity.


Hair Follicle


Hair follicle testing is primarily used for research purposes as it’s tough to beat but inaccurate for many reasons. These tests aim to detect the presence of drug metabolites that have diffused from the bloodstream into the hair follicle.


Hair testing can reveal data like no other tests can detect. Not only can they detect illicit drugs, but they can also decipher patterns of use. For example, if you smoked marijuana, then abstained for some time, then used pot again, the test will show all of this information.

Contamination from your surroundings is the most prominent issue for hair testing. Tiny amounts of smoke or powder can get stuck in your hair and result in false-positive test results. Many expert laboratories will dismiss this claim, but experts believe that darker hair works as a magnet for contaminants. This makes Latinos, Africans, and Asians more prone to false-positive test results.


Marijuana Drug Testing Kits


Although there are many home marijuana drug testing kits available, we recommend IGT Labs ‘Marijuana Drug Test Kit’.


This test is effective, safe, and affordable, using urinalysis to screen for any traces of THC within your system. Use this kit at home to reveal if you have been exposed to significant levels of marijuana toxins prior to a health screening or drug test.


The Marijuana Drug Test by IGT Labs provides an accurate test that can deliver results in only five minutes. All you have to do is dip the testing strip in your urine sample. Within a few minutes, the results will appear.


One visible line reveals a positive result, whereas two lines indicate that THC levels in your system are not high enough to read positive on a drug test. Marijuana levels higher than 50ng/ml will appear as positive on these home testing kits.


These testing kits are 99% accurate and can be delivered immediately. Click here to purchase these kits at factory-direct prices.


Ways to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test


Saliva Tests


Two methods can help you to pass a saliva marijuana drug test depending on the amount of time available to prepare before the date of the test.


Natural Cleansing


This method requires time to be performed efficiently, and it will require complete abstinence from marijuana smoking for a few days. To improve the chances of success, we recommend regular exercise and sufficient hydration.


THC is fat-soluble, so exercising will help your body to metabolize the toxins quickly. Avoid junk and fatty foods throughout these detox periods and replace them with fruit and vegetables. The vitamins inside this healthy food will increase your chances of passing the test.


Last Minute Detoxes


This method is more suitable for busy people. Although THC leaves saliva quite quickly, there is often a chance of tests being administered at short notice or randomly.


There are several products in the form of mouthwashes and bubblegums available, with many of these promising to leave saliva clean for up to six hours after use.


However, nothing is more effective than Toxin Rid Detoxification Programs.


Blood Tests


If you are a casual user, the most successful way to pass a marijuana blood test if to stop smoking for four days before your test. However, heavy users should stop smoking at least ten days before the date of the blood test. We also recommend drinking plenty of water to flush out your system and eat a nutritious diet.


Specialized detox products work well with both urine and blood tests. Given that blood tests take time to schedule and have very short detection times, many people have time to detox their bodies naturally.


However, if time is not on your side, some last-minute detox methods will help you to pass your marijuana blood test.


Specialist Detox Products


All detox products that work for urine tests will also work for a blood test. Marijuana is detectable for less time in blood than urine, so a two-day detox routine will often suffice to pass a blood test.


The Certo Method


The Certo method also works with both urine and blood tests. Mix a packet of Certo into a 32 oz bottle of Gatorade and drink it immediately. Even an hour before a blood test, this method can help you pass with flying colors.


Urine Tests


As the urine test if the most popular method of marijuana drug testing, it’s no surprise there are several ways to cheat a pass. The method that you choose will depend on the amount of time that you have leading up to the test.


Synthetic Urine


Although this method is legally questionable in most cases, it is a preferred method for people that want to pass the test quickly and successfully.


There are many brands of synthetic urine available on Amazon, some of which specifically cater to the needs of drug test takers.


Although this method guarantees a pass, most clinics have strict controls in place to prevent the substance from being used. Please note that we do not recommend or condone the use of synthetic urine. In many states, you will face a penalty and possible jail time if you are caught cheating a drug test in this way.


Natural Detox


As with a saliva test, detox processes for urine consists of regular exercise, sufficient hydration, and a nutritious diet.


However, the cleansing process for urine takes 2-3 times as long as the process for saliva.


Luckily, there are fantastic detox programs available that help speed-up this process and are incredibly successful.


Hair Follicle Testing


Hair uses the nutrients from your body and bloodstream to grow. As it grows, the metabolites from your blood become a stable part of your hair. There are two ways that you can successfully pass a marijuana hair test.


Professional Hair Detox Products


Without a doubt, the most successful method for passing a hair follicle drug test is to use a professional hair detox product or a Toxin Rid Detoxification Program.


With our years of experience in the industry, we recommend ‘Old Style Aloe Toxin-Rid Shampoo.’ This product is the most reliable option for you if you want to get a job, keep your job, or succeed in legal proceedings after using marijuana.


Old Style, Aloe Toxin Rid has been proven to help hundreds of people pass hair follicle marijuana drug tests. It’s the leading support shampoo to help you pass a hair test after smoking pot.


Using Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid every day leading up to your test, and Ultra Clean Shampoo on the morning of the test puts you in an excellent position to thoroughly remove any toxins from your hair.


We recommend using this excellent product for 3-10 days in advance of your test. For those that don’t have that much time, take several showers a day as required. With every wash, leave the shampoo lathered in your hair for between 10 and 15 minutes.


Pass Blood, Saliva, and Urine Tests with Toxin Rid Detoxification Programs


If you are expecting a drug test and you’ve used or been exposed to marijuana recently, you need to rid your body of all toxins, drugs, and foreign elements.


By far, the best products on the market to help achieve success are Toxin Rid Detoxification Programs. Toxin Rid detox kits are specifically designed to help detox your system in full based on your levels of toxin exposure.


The One-day Toxin Rid Detox Kit eliminates light toxins in your body quickly and efficiently. The 10-day Cleanse will help to completely rid your system of all toxins that could result in a failed test.


Each detox kit is manufactured using natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals that collaborate to cleanse your system thoroughly. These kits come supported by a 100% money-back guarantee from the manufacturer, so you have nothing to lose, except everything if you fail your drug test.


Click here to purchase the Toxin Rid Detoxification Programs today and help to remove all marijuana toxins from your saliva, blood, and urine.


To conclude, we know that marijuana stays in your system for different lengths of time, depending on how frequently and how much you use the drug. There are four leading types of marijuana testing; these are blood tests, urinalysis, saliva tests, and hair follicle tests.


This Marijuana Drug Test Kit is the best option for home testing before an official professional test. Several methods will help you to pass each for of drug test. However, the most efficient method for hair follicle testing is Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo, and the most successful products for passing blood, saliva, and urine tests are Toxin Rid Detoxification Programs.


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