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Stewart Davies
May 29, 2020

Publicly traded enterprises are very cautious about the kind of employees they hire and like all such companies, the management at the GameStop also likes to conduct drug tests of those who already work there or are willing to join the company. This step is taken to ensure a good reputation of the company and for the purpose of trust building between the company and its consumers. 

Undoubtedly, the best and probably the only way for a company to ensure the absence of drug usage from their employees’ lives is through conducting drug tests. This is why GameStop makes sure to conduct a drug test before actually proceeding with the hiring formalities for any of their prospective workers.

When Does GameStop Drug Test?

However, as someone who is applying for a position at the GameStop, it is pertinent to know that you will not be tested for your drug usage on your first interview. This initial step of the job is more of a formal nature with the employers being more interested in your education and experience alongside your reason behind applying for a job at their company. It is only after you successfully impress the panel in your first and second interviews and they want to hire you that the testing time arrives.

What is the Exact GameStop Drug Testing Policy?

The typical test conducted is five or ten panels in nature with substances like cocaine and meth under the focus. As some who smoke weed and a few other known drugs, you are likely to get caught by the test, followed by a rejection for the job. Where marijuana takes around 60 days to completely vanish from your system, other drugs can even pass out within a week or even earlier. Make sure to stop using any of such stuff a considerable number of days before the testing if you want a job at GameStop.

By any chance, if you have been taking drugs lately and your interview is approaching nearer, the best thing to get away with being caught in the test is using a detox kit. One of such kits offered by Test Clear, namely the Toxin Rid 10-Day Detox, is a great option for anyone looking forward to a great detox that clears away all the traces of substance use from your system and bloodstream in just 10 days. Another faster way to pass your drug test is by using a synthetic urine sample that is not detected by the testing kit and can keep you from getting caught.  Test Clear also has a solution for this called the powdered urine kit to help you pass the drug test with flying colors.

However, these temporary solutions are not to be relied on all the time because the company holds the rights to test you anytime even after you have been hired. It is, therefore, advisable that you stay vigilant and stop using drugs if you want to stay at the job you have been hired for. Try quitting smoking and weed usage to prepare your body for this random test. However, this is not that easy so you should always keep synthetic urine powder with you just to be on the safe side.

Wishing you all the best for your job at GameStop.

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