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March 26, 2020

A surprise drug test can be an absolute nightmare. You have three days to be completely clean and worry about it the entire time. Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse works to give you the time you need and the peace of mind to get through it.

When you start looking for that detox drink to get your through your next drug test, there are several things you need to consider before you make your purchase.

Number of Substances it cleanses

Before you choose to buy any detox drink, you need to consider the number of substances you need to cleanse from your body. Not all types of detox kits will clear out all kinds of substances. There should be a section on the box that will let you know what the product can cleanse. If you have any doubt that a product will not work for your needs, you need to contact the maker of the product to double-check what it will cleanse.

Time Frame

There are two types of cleanses you can do. You can do a complete detox and a temporary detox. Both have their benefits, but if you need to pass your drug test, a perfect cleanse is more thorough and more likely to help you pass.

Permanent Cleanse

A permanent cleanse will take at least two weeks to flush your system out of toxins thoroughly. The complete cleanse is a multi-step process that requires you to not only follow the instructions that come with the kit but switch your diet to one that will get the toxins out of your cells and prevent new ones from collecting.

The complete cleans is not always an option because of surprise testing. The total cleanse takes time you do not always have, but it is more likely to get your body completely clean and help you pass.

Temporary Cleanse

A temporary cleanse is one that you can do anywhere from one day to a week. The cleanse will eliminate the toxins that are easiest to find in your body for a limited time frame. The time frame for a temporary cleanse is usually good for up to eight hours after you complete the cleanse before toxins resurface in your system.

Type of Test

There are different types of tests. If you can know in advance which type you will be taking, you can better plan your cleans. Not all types of detox kits will work for the kind of test you have.

Blood, Saliva, and Urine testing

Fortunately, most types of drug testing tests using blood, saliva, or urine. Most detox kits you can buy help you pass one of these three tests. They work to extract all toxins from your body, so the cells taken from each come up clean.

Hair follicle testing

The hair follicle test requires you to detox your hair. Hair detox is more difficult to clean because it requires stripping the outer levels of your hair down and opening them up to ensure the hair is clean inside and out. They take repeated washes with special shampoos, and they do not always get it all, and it is hard for you to test whether you did clean it all.

Size of Cleanse

If you are a heavier person, you will have a harder time getting a spotless system. Toxins hide in fat, and the larger you are, the more toxins hide in your body. You will need to select a detox kit that will consider your size and help you get clean in the time frame you require.

What is Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse?

The Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink is a temporary detox drink that you can take for a surprise drug test. The detox drink can meet the needs of people under two hundred pounds or over two hundred pounds. There are different sizes of bottles to accommodate both kinds of people.

Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink is a five-hour detox drink that you can take just before your drug test so you can be clean. You must consume the entire bottle for it to work. Rescue Detox Drink becomes effective an hour after you consume it, and you will have only five hours to take your drug test before the cleanse wears off.

What we like

  • The detox drink is good for marijuana and nicotine tests.
  • The price tag for the detox drink is not terrible for something that works.
  • The detox drink is fast-acting so that you will be clear for your drug test within an hour of consumption.


  • Not all substances leave your body so you can test positive for other substances.
  • It is not available on all markets for purchase.

How does Rescue Cleanse work?

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is easy to use and have it be successful if you follow the instructions completely.

Avoid illicit substances

For the detox to be completely effective, you must avoid all illicit substances and unnecessary medicines for at least forty-eight hours before using. Even pure materials can trap toxins in your body and make the drink less effective.

If you regularly use products that produce herbal toxins, you should avoid them for at least fourteen days to ensure your body has eliminated them from your system.

Do not eat or drink for at least four hours before

Rescue Cleanse Detox works best if you have an empty stomach. Not eating or drinking for at least four hours beforehand will ensure your cells are clean. The detox drink will add the missing nutrients back into your body once you consume it.

Refrigerate and shake drink before using.

Refrigerating the drink and shaking before use ensure the ingredients in the drink are entirely fresh. The fresher the drink, the better it will work.

Drink all within fifteen minutes

You must consume the drink within the fifteen-minute time frame for it to work. Your body will begin its temporary cleans within the hour if the drink is completely absorbed.

Urinate multiple times within an hour

Urinating eliminates toxins in your body. Your body naturally needs to eliminate toxins, so frequent urination will help.

Avoid consuming any food or drinks for five hours

Avoiding food and drink after you consume the detox drink helps prevent stored toxins from releasing into your body. Your best time to take the test is one hour after you finish the drink as it is the most effective then.

Pros and Cons

Rescue cleans an excellent product to use if you do not have time for a complete cleanse. It works just as well as if you were doing full cleanse, but the results are temporary, and you only have small windows in which to be completely clean.

Reviewers of Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink consider it useful and straightforward to use. They do note that if you do not try to keep yourself clean and your environment clean for at least forty-eight hours, you will not have the same results. Even heavy smokers found their tests coming out clean as their bodies worked to eliminate toxins.

The main negatives about the product involve the tiny window in which to take your test and to purchase the right size of detox. There are different versions of the same detox drink if you are over two hundred pounds or under, and if you are a heavy smoker. You need to purchase the drink that fits your body type and the one that fits your lifestyle.

What do you need to Know?

What stands out about the Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is how effective it is for the time frame you need. It is something you can keep on the shelf for surprise drug tests, so you will always be ready for an emergency. The hardest part about it is the timing. Not only do you need to take the test right after the hour you consume it, but you need to be completely clean for at least forty-eight hours before you ingest it.

The forty-eight-hour pre-ingestion window can make Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse ineffective if your boss tells you about the drug test the day before the test it will not work. If you have at least three days’ notice of a test, then Clear Choice is the answer for you.

What are some frequently asked questions

How long do you need to avoid food and drink?

You need to avoid food and drink at least four hours before your test, including water, with no intake after you complete the drink.

Which Rescue Cleanse Detox do you need?

If you are over two hundred pounds, then you should buy the thirty-two-ounce detox drink. If you are under two hundred pounds, you can buy the seventeen-ounce drink. Buying the drink that works with your size is extremely important as if you are less than two hundred pounds, and taking the thirty-two-ounce drink, the thirty-two ounce will only dilute your urine.

What do we think?

Clear Choice Rescue Detox is perfect for the limited time frame you might need it. It is easy to take, and it is not too expensive for guaranteed results. If you ingest other types of substances than marijuana or tobacco, you will need to purchase a different product.

Final Thoughts

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is a detox drink that works. You can keep it on your shelf for the surprise drug tests and know you will be clear no matter what. It is quick and easy to use without requiring days of cleanses or hours in the bathroom. For more information or to purchase Clear Choice Rescue Cleanser.

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