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February 3, 2020

In the world of science, technology has made significant developments like synthetic urine or fake urine. Before synthetic urine, people would use crazy ideas in an attempt to cheat on drug tests when they wanted to fly abroad or pass a job interview.

Imagine nailing that job interview that you’ve always desired, and your interviewer congratulates you. Then, he says you have one more thing: a simple drug urinalysis test. Chances are, you might panic for a while, then smile in fake-confidence.

Remember that fantastic weekend you had? And now you are like: how on earth am I going to pass an emergency urine test without causing an alarm? Don’t worry because we got you covered.

Our Top Pick

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It may sound quite odd, but fake urine has turned up to be a swift method of passing urine urinalysis exceptionally. The best synthetic urine is available for purchase in many places, including online markets (like Amazon), as well as smoke and sex shops.

Due to their client increase, these products have confused several drug assessments while spiking in appeal. Fake urine or synthetic urine refers to a solution that imitates chemical and visual elements of actual urine. It comes in the form of pre-mixed solutions or dried powders. Read our reviews of the best fake urine below.

Synthetic Urine Reviews

1. Quick Fix Plus

Quick Fix

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine remains the best brand of choice for anyone who wants to pass the urinalysis test. The pre-mixed laboratory fake urine is clean, fresher, and toxin-free. Quick Fix is balanced for many urine characteristics such as creatinine, pH, specific gravity, and urea.

What makes Quick Fix unique and a top choice is its unisex design. This means that both sexes, male and female, can use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. The product’s formula complexity indicates similar results when it comes to urine testing.

This is why it has gained popularity as the go-to synthetic urine when choosing fake urine.

Each Quick Fix Synthetic Urine box comprises the following components; a quick fix urine bottle, a flip-top cap, and one heat pack. Also, it contains a temperature strip that reads 90 to 100 degrees.

To make the urine appropriate for use, you warm the synthetic urine in a microwave for not more than 10 seconds, between the specified degrees (90 and 100). Then, you attach the heat pack and maintain its warmness for up to eight hours.


  • Contains a pre-made blend in a convenient vial.
  • Include a disposable heat pack
  • Contains a balanced pH
  • It’s toxin-free
  • Contains correct uric acid
  • It’s realistic


  • No 100% guarantee for positive results
  • Includes no strap for substitute carrying

Our Verdict

Are you looking for a product that will satisfy all your fake urine reasons? Then Quick Fix is what you’ve been looking for in the market, and reviews confirm it.

2. Test Clear Powdered Urine

Test Clear

When an actual urine simulation product is required, test clear powdered urine is what you should run for. Regardless of the complexity of the test or experiment, this is the recommended brand. It’s more reliable in comparison to fake urine and contains all crucial chemicals, such as uric acid.

Powdered pee is mixed with room temperature water, 45 minutes to an hour before the test. Then, the heater is attached to the vessel opposite the temperature strip. This product appears, smells, and chemically behaves like drug-free pee.

Thus, you have full confidence that it’ll meet the experiment’s requirements.

The product packaging contains a 50ml plastic medical container and drug-free powdered urine. Others include a six-hours lasting air-activated heater, an instruction sheet, and a temperature strip.

As stated by the guidelines, a valid sample should use at least 45ml of your powdered pee.

It takes approximately 45 minutes for the air-activated heater to get room temperature water in the container. The temperature strip (reading between 90 and 99 degrees) is highly accurate.


  • Contains two-air activated heaters
  • Has an extra 5ml on top of the required
  • It can be diluted and will not compromise the results
  • It is toxin-free
  • Has a digital thermometer


  • Priced a little high at $49.95

Our Verdict

Whatever the reason is that you are looking for synthetic urine, then, this is your one-stop-shop for all your needs – the powdered pee. Have you heard of another brand that gives you an extra 5ml on top of the required? No! Furthermore, it can be diluted with 50% additional water and will cause no negative results.

3. Clear Choice Sub-Solution

The clear choice of sub-solution synthetic urine allows you to protect your discretion with sureness. It is sure to test as actual clean unisex human urine.

The clear choice of sub-solution is suitable for both male and female – unisex. Also, you can be sure to use it for all types of experiments or tests, without anxieties on adverse effects. Because of its simplicity, sub-solution urine is easy to use.

This product comprises of a mixture of natural constituents, thus making it look and smell like real urine. If the user follows the given guidelines and instructions, there is a sure success rate on the outcomes.

The clear choice sub-solution synthetic urine comes with a 13oz mixing vial, one package of synthetic urine mix, and one sheet of guidelines. What makes this brand even more attractive is that it comes with both unisex designs, for both male and female.

Clear choice sub-solution synthetic urine is balanced for several urine features such as creatinine, pH, specific gravity, and urea.

To use the clear choice sub-solution, you remove the screw cover from the plastic collection vial and fill with moderately warm water. Make sure the water reaches below the cap. This water should neither be too hot nor cold.


  • Available for both men and women
  • It’s made of a complex but reliable formula
  • Clear and detailed instructions
  • Imitates real urine easily


  • Priced at $80

Our Verdict

Looking for fake urine with a safe method and a viable price? Then this is the product for you to solve that urine issue and complete relief.

4. Monkey Whizz

Monkey Whizz

Are you looking for the top sellers of synthetic urine device? Well, you just looked at the right place. Meet Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Belt!

For over 15 years, Monkey Whizz products have been the go-to selection as a remedy for passing drug tests. Monkey Whizz is balanced for several urine features such as creatinine or creatine, correct uric acid, balanced pH, and proper specific gravity.

Other characteristics include urea, foams like real urine, as well as the right scent and color.

The significant features of Monkey Whizz include a 100% adjustable kit, with a urine tube that can be cut to the user’s preferences, and a belt fitting up to a 54 inches waist. Also, the kit is easy to hide, especially when worn by females.

The Monkey Whizz synthetic urine is easy to use immediately after purchase, particularly when you follow the provided guidelines. Considered the high class pre-mixed unisex fake urine, it is disease and toxin-free.

The Monkey Whizz Kit contains two organic heating pads, which are activated by shaking several times. It had the ability to maintain the right temperatures for at least 8 hours. Besides, given its constituents are similar to that of real urine, it becomes impossible to notice during tests.

In the Monkey Whizz box, you find a pre-mixed bag with more than 3.5oz unisex fake urine, an adjustable elastic belt (100% cotton), and a temperature strip.


  • Includes a belt which fits up to 54 inches
  • It has 5 ounces of quality
  • It contains a balanced and toxin-free solution
  • Has two heating pads


  • Valued at approximately $60
  • Ineligible for prime shipping

Our Verdict

Come to think of it, synthetic urine that grows bacteria while behaving like real urine! Is that your suggestion? Then invest your hard-earned dollars on a guaranteed test pass with Monkey Whizz urine. Besides, it’s been associated with 15 years of successful urinalysis tests.

5. Upass Synthetic Urine


A product from Safeguard Labs, Upass 8.4, is pre-mixed urine, a suitable option for both men and women (unisex). The Upass Synthetic Urine Kit comprises of balanced pH levels and foam. Balanced pH helps create gravity color, while foam represents real urine.

Both characteristics ensure a successful drug test. The Upass fake urine box comprises a temperature strip, a 3oz. Upass Synthetic Urine Kit, and an organic heating pad (lasts 8 hours). Others include straightforward guidelines and a rubber band. 

Upass 8.4 bears the following features of real pee: correct creatinine levels, urea, correct uric acid, as well as right color and odor. To use Upass fake urine, use a microwave to heat the vial for around 10 seconds.

Then, when giving your sample, the temperature should read between 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Shake the bottle after reaching the right temperatures for a uniform solution mix. The container should be attached to your leg using the flexible band and should keep temperatures for about 5 hours.


  • It is gender-inclusive
  • Contains a pre-mixed solution
  • Higher chances of passing drug tests
  • Considerable pricing ($29.95)
  • It includes a rubber band for ease of attachment


  • Not following the guidelines may quickly produce adverse results

Our Verdict

What more would you be in the hunt for when reviews recommend the Upass Synthetic Urine 8.4? Nothing can be more convincing than the number of people who have benefitted from using Upass for drug tests – millions of individuals.

What Is Synthetic Urine Used For?

Passing Drug Tests

The synthetic urine in the market, such as Monkey Whizz Urine, can’t be differentiated with the natural urine. Therefore, this explains its widespread use during urinalysis to cheat a drug test.

Equipment Standardization

The prime function of synthetic urine is to standardize the urine testing apparatus. Synthetic urine can be made of the same standard. Then, it’s used in calibrating the equipment instead of human urine, which is diverse.

Scientific Research

Not all people out there who looking for synthetic urine are trying to confuse equipment or do something shady. Researchers and scientists make up the synthetic urine largest markets. This is because of its cleanliness, reliability, as well as being a safer alternative instead of real urine.

In their studies and development, scientists use it in exploring the likelihood of planting in space. Also, products such as diapers, and cleaning agents such as carpet cleaning solutions and laundry detergents use synthetic urine for testing.


Prank enthusiasts can use synthetic urine in activities such as wetting the bed. In this game, fake urine is a necessary element because it enhances the joke and is less offensive. The product can be used as fertilizers in gardens due to their phosphorus and nitrogen constituents.

Also, since the early days, urine scent has been used to fend off animals, especially from gardens. Instead of using human urine to spray on your flowers and vegetables, you can use fake urine. It’s more hygienic.

Which are the Vital Constituents of Synthetic Urine for Drug Tests?

It’s hard to admit but, institutional ideas of frequent drug testing can make us look for a way to pass the tests so we can keep the jobs. Synthetic requires specific components (a complex blend of quality elements) to qualify its success in drug tests. They include:

  • Uric acid
  • Urea
  • Creatinine or creatine
  • Nitrates
  • Correct temperatures (90 to 100 degrees)
  • Urine smell and foaming
  • Discretion

In addition to the above, it must have a pH of 4.8 to 8, along with the right liquid density. Other features to consider when looking for fake pee include foaming and scent function.

How Synthetic Urine Works?

Fake pee imitates the natural urine of your body but in the absence of drugs or toxins. No matter how disgusting this sounds, synthetic pee is better, cleaner, and reliable than your natural urine.

Does it work? Yes. Fake urine, in recent years, became a general option for smokers who have to give in to drug testing. Several individuals who used synthetic urine as an option to pass tests have confessed that it works.

What Is Checked During Urine Tests?

Office drug testing thrived in 1986 when President Ronald Reagan began to need testing of all state staff. During the same year, President Reagan signed the Anti-Drug Abuse Act. It established fixed minimum prison verdicts for specific drug felonies, including possession of marijuana.

Later, Reagan’s legislation was viewed as racist, with white people facing fewer arrests compared to people of color. Also, there was a difference between the minimum jail time for crack and cocaine users.

Currently, the tête-à-tête about the presence and efficiency of drug testing endures. Now, marijuana creeps toward full authorization, and an opioid disaster confounds the US. 

Urinalysis checks for the following:

  • Cannabis or THC metabolites
  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • PCP or Phencyclidine
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates

As for laboratories, they look for the components of urine (above) as well as glutaraldehyde. However, it’s worth noting that while all these correct components are checked, TEMPERATURE is the most imperative.

Thus, make sure you follow the correct guidelines in heating and maintaining the right temperatures of fake pee. Use the manufacturer’s instructions.

Is Synthetic Urine Legal?

Just like marijuana, the legality of synthetic urine differs from state to state. The manufacture, use, sale, or delivery of fake urine for faking drug tests has been banned in 18 states. However, of all these states, just one – South Carolina – has prosecuted a urine vendor twice.

In Kentucky and Illinois, urine business is punishable as an offense, while North and South Carolina made it liable as a crime on a second felony. In the rest, it’s a crime.

Synthetic urine manufacturers and vendors only operate legally by claiming that their products shouldn’t be used to forge drug tests.

FAQs on Synthetic Urine

How Long Can You Keep Synthetic Urine?

It’s not specific on how long the fake urine remains suitable for use. However, a superior product can last for at least two years. But it has to remain unopened. Also, the brand you choose is a factor, as well. The cheaper it is, the detrimental the consequences.

If you don’t purchase for immediate use, use proper storage (at room temperatures and in a dark place).

Is Synthetic Urine Easily Detected?

Many synthetic urine reviews say it’s impossible to detect fake urine in a lab, but it can be recognized. However, following the correct guidelines has positive results. Also, research is underway on countering these moves.

Powdered versus Liquid-Form Synthetic Urine?

This question is common. The answer is yes, but only up to a specific degree. However, most reviews and research have recommended the liquid-form fake urine.

Final Thoughts

Which is the top synthetic urine out there in the market? Our number one choice is Monkey Whizz. The product has two heating pads in a single box and a belt that fits up to 54 inches. This means that it caters for all sizes of the waist.

Furthermore, who wouldn’t like to use a renowned brand? Monkey Whizz has been in the market for 15 years and exhibits successful urinalysis.

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