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February 13, 2020

You can take a drug test for several reasons. For example, when you want to confirm that your child or loved one is free from drugs, or when getting a new job. Unfortunately, not all people like the lab administered tests.

Luckily, the advent of technology has helped in creating excellent home drug tests. More so, the market is flooded with these products for you to choose from. In this article, we shall give insight into the top kits available on the market today.

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Home Drug Testing Kit Reviews

Though the market has a lot to offer in terms of home drug tests, we conducted detailed research and came up with the following list as the best you can buy today.

1. Test Kit Plus

Test Kit Plus has succeeded in winning the trust of many customers with their quality test kits that offer various solutions. If you require to use Test Kit Plus to identify the kind of drug in your body or another person’s, you get treated with options. You get to choose test kits for cocaine, speed, GHB, MDMA (Molly), Ketamine, or another substance.

Also, Test Kit Plus helps in testing the purity of various drugs. Based on the drug that you need to establish its content status, you get to choose from the Cocaine Cuts, heroin, MDMA, or Cocaine Purity test kits. What’s impressive is the fact that these tests come in discounted packages to help you get starting immediately.

Test Kit Plus comes with all the necessary accessories you need to make your testing easier. It also comes with easy instructions on how to use it.


  • Identifies various drugs.
  • Tests the purity of multiple drugs.
  • Comes with discounted packages.
  • Comes with accessories for easier testing.
  • Easy to use instructions.


  • Some users may find the price high.

Our Verdict

It is the best kit to use if you are dealing with various substances. Besides, the safety of this product is top-notch.

2. TestClear

Testing kits from TestClear are incredibly accurate. With each kit, you get to understand the level of toxins you or the person you are testing is exposed. What’s impressive with these kits is the fact that you can get a kit to test any drug. For example, cocaine, methamphetamines, opiates, or marijuana.

If you want to test the amount of Ecstasy found in your body, Oxycodone levels, or hair follicles, TestClear offers testing kits to check them all, and they meet the set laws for such kits. The fact that these kits provide quick error-free urine, blood toxins, hair, and saliva test results makes them convenient and worth having.


  • Accurate results.
  • Ideal for testing various drugs.
  • Suitable for testing hair follicles, blood toxins, saliva, and urine.
  • Quality kits that meet all the requirements set by the law.
  • Quick results.


  • Some kits are not pocket-friendly.

Our Verdict

The fact that TestClear has been operating for over 23 years in producing only proven drug testing solutions not only builds trust but also qualifies it as one of the top leaders in this industry. Besides, many users have confirmed the effectiveness of their drug testing kits. Also, accurate and fast results from these drug kits make them top-notch and convenient.

3. Prescreen Plus Mini

If you are searching for a home drug kit that gives the correct result, then your search may end with the Prescreen Plus Mini testing kit. It’s renowned for having an accuracy of up to 99%. You also don’t have to worry about its durability as it comes with a shelf life of 18 months.

If you worried about safety and quality, you need not to because it gets approved by the FDA 510(K). With the Prescreen Plus Mini testing kit, you also get to test your temperature or that of the person you are testing. Thanks to the temperature strip that comes in-built with this kit.

Anyone can use this the Prescreen Plus Mini testing kit as it comes with an easy to use manual. To ensure this kit serves you as intended, store it at room temperature and keep it sealed. Also, use it only up to its expiry day.


  • The accuracy rate of up to 99%
  • Can last for 18 months before use.
  • Approved by FDA 510(K).
  • Comes with an in-built temperature strip.
  • Comes with a reliable cup design


  • You cannot rely on the results if read after 10 minutes.

Our Verdict

As illustrated above, the Prescreen Plus Mini testing kit produces reliable results and after a short time. It is also certified by FDA 510(K), making it safe and of top-notch quality. It is therefore recommendable to any user in need.

4. Five Panel

Like its name, it tests for five types of drugs. Although you can use it at home, the Federal government of the USA and the Department of Transportation (DOT) also uses it in checking marijuana (THC), cocaine, opiates amphetamine/methamphetamine, and PCP due to its effectiveness. The specimen used with this testing is either hair, urine, saliva, or blood. Mobile Health recommends using the five-panel for all workers.

Unfortunately, you only get a qualitative and preliminary analytical result with the InstaCube Oral test. To confirm the results, you must carry out a secondary analytical procedure. The use of gas chromatography and spectrometry method get preferred most.

Procedural or technical errors and other interfering substances that come with the oral fluid sample may cause errors in the generated results. Also, the final results do not indicate the drug’s concentration in the provided specimen.


  • Tests five drug types.
  • Ideal for workers.
  • Recommended by Mobile Health.
  • Affordable.
  • Works on various specimens.


  • A secondary method must get applied to confirm the results.
  • Does not show the drug’s concentration in the sample provided.

Our Verdict

The fact that the Federal government of the US and the DOT use this test proves its efficiency and quality. Also, Mobile Health’s advice to use this panel test demonstrates to us that it is safe.

5. Easy Home

Could you be looking for an easy to use product? Then you may need to consider the Easy Home test. It comes as a single panel that tests various drugs. You need not worry about its effectiveness as it produces 99% accurate results.

By only dipping the test in your urine, you get the results immediately. When two lines appear, you are clean. But if only one control line emerges, you’re not clean. It is of top-notch quality and safe to use as it gets approved by the FDA and waived by CLIA for OTC use.

But with this test, your metabolism rate, and the frequency and amount of drugs used may affect the time spent in getting the results. To some, the detection time may be instant, while it may take some time for others. But the fact that this test is pocket-friendly and comes with the same standard as those of the lab screen tests will excite you.


  • 99% accurate.
  • Easy to use.
  • FDA cleared.
  • Waived by CLIA for OTC use.
  • Same science used as those of the lab screen tests.


  • Detection time varies.

Our Verdict

If you want to use urine to detect the amount of drugs in your system, this home test will work out best. Besides, it is easy to use.

After the information above, you may feel like you are ready to buy your home drug test. But to get the ideal home drug test that will efficiently meet all your needs, you need to keep the following factors in your mind.

What to Consider Before Purchasing?

Specimen Type

The specimen to get tested can either be blood, urine, saliva, or hair. Consider whether you need to check one, two, or several specimens.  Some products can test all the specimen types effectively.

But you may not need to buy this type of test if you only need to test a specific specimen. Besides, test kits that test various samples come at an extra cost.

Detection Time

If you need immediate results, consider a tester that will give a quick outcome. Some drug testers may take long to respond depending on some factors like the type and frequency of the drug used or the person’s metabolism. Consider those testers that work fast despite such factors.

If you are not in a hurry to get the results, one that takes time to give the results will work out fine.


First, consider your budget. Also, kindly note that just because a tester costs less does not mean that it’s inefficient. Also, some testers come with added features to enhance comfort and better results.

If your wallet can allow, such tests are worth trying out.


You wouldn’t want to buy a home drug test with no certification from the relevant bodies. Otherwise, you would be risking purchasing unreliable and fake tests. Check whether the brand has a sticker of any certifying authorities like the FDA before purchasing.


Consider a test that you can easily access from the store next door. Some get manufactured from specific countries and may take time to import.


Avoid drug tests without any form of guarantee in case of anything. Go for one where the manufacturer would convey relevant information at any time you need it and supply you with another kit in case of any problem. Some manufacturers offer to refund the whole amount you spent in purchasing the test if not satisfied with the results.


Are All Results From Home Drug Tests Correct?

Fortunately, most produce 99% and above accurate results. But in case of an expired or faulty product, the outcome may not be useful. Ensure that you check the expiry date before using a test and always buy top-notch brands.

What Should I Test?

You can use them for cocaine, PCP, barbiturates, oxycodone, tricyclic antidepressants, marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, benzodiazepine, methadone, Ecstasy, and methamphetamine. If you find drugs present in your specimen, it is advisable to conduct another test in a laboratory to help confirm the results.

If the Test is Positive, Does it Mean that I Abuse Drugs?

Fortunately, the answer is no. Sometimes, the results may be wrong because of various factures like a faulty or expired test kit. In such a case, do not panic but carry out a laboratory test to confirm the results.

Also, you may get a positive test as a result of using a prescription drug. In this case, it doesn’t mean that you are abusing the drug. It indicates that the acceptable levels for both abusive and prescribed drugs have not gotten set.


As explained above, drug test kits play a significant role in helping us know the drug content in our systems without visiting a laboratory. Others also indicate the content and purity of the drug found in our bodies. Unlike in the past, you get to enjoy many options of these testing kits available on the market today.

Fortunately, most of these products are safe to use and of top-notch quality. You only need to choose based on your needs and pocket. If you have no idea of what test to go for, you can use the best at-home drug tests described in this article as your starting point. Also, always consider the factors explained above before buying.

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