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February 18, 2020

Passing a hair follicle drug test can seem impossible. Your hair holds everything you have consumed from your food habits to any drugs you have taken. A high-quality detox shampoo will be worth the money as a hair follicle test is one of the hardest tests to pass.

Before you buy a hair follicle detox shampoo, know what you need to look for. You should work hard to find the one that works for the time you have to be clean. You should also know how it will work with your hair and what you can do to make it the most effective.

Our Top Pick

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What are the Best Hair Follicle Drug Test Shampoos?

1. Aloe Old Style Toxin Rid

Aloe Old Style Toxin Rid

Aloe Old Style Toxin Rid is heavy-duty. It is for heavy smokers and users of different chemical products. It will reach down deep into every strand of hair and extract any toxin buildup to leave you with toxin-free hair.

Toxin Rid is most effective if used three to ten days before your scheduled drug test. A larger window to clean your hair is more likely to get your hair completely clean. If you do not have time on your side, then you should take multiple showers a day. Make sure you wash your hair at least fifteen times before your test for the most complete clean.

When you use the shampoo, make sure you are massaging the shampoo into your scalp, where toxins buildup. It will help work out the layers of dead skin cells and hair oils that trap toxins, and you must leave on your hair for ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing. The shampoo delicately lifts all buildup from lifestyle, environmental toxins, hard water minerals, chlorine, and other toxic residues.


  • A heavy user can use this to get complete toxin-free hair.
  • It can be effective for sudden drug tests.
  • Lifts chemicals away from the roots.
  • Removes all types of chemicals, from drugs to environmental chemicals.


  • You need to use it a lot to be completely clean.
  • It’s pricey (but you get what you pay for).

Our Verdict

Aloe Old Style is a good choice to pass your drug test if you have the time to lift out all chemicals. Multiple showers and deep scrubbing will get you clean without fail.

2. Zydot Ultra Clean

Zydot Ultra Clean

Zydot Ultra Clean is a shampoo and conditioner for toxic hair. It works to purify your hair from the inside out to remove all traces of chemical buildup, impurities, and medications from within the hair shaft.

It works to remove external barriers from the inner hair while penetrating to the center of the hair shafts where it dissolves and removes any toxins. The conditioner acts on your hair to control it, smooth it, and make it manageable. It will leave your hair clean and free from any toxins your lifestyle or environment added to them.

Xydot Ultra Clean penetrates deep to lift out impurities, leaving a smooth layer of Aloe Vera that conditions your hair and scalp. The best time to use it is on the day you need it to be completely clean.


  • Works quickly and effectively.
  • Shampoo and conditioner to clean and soften.
  • Works best on the day you need your hair to be clean.
  • The product works well on its own.


  • You must avoid using any other products you normally use on your hair.
  • You must follow the instructions for the product to work correctly.

Our Verdict

Zydot will get your hair completely clean and get your through your next drug test if you follow the instructions.

3. Clear Choice Shampoo

Clear Choice Shampoo

Clear Choice has a simple two-step process for cleansing your hair. The hair follicle solution will extract all toxins from your hair in a single washing and will keep your hair toxin-free for up to eight hours afterward. The formula will work on any type or length of hair.

The results are temporary, so the product works best for day-of-the-test use. When preparing to use this product, keep yourself out of toxic environments that can add toxins to your hair.

You must distribute the shampoo evenly throughout your hair and scrub down deep to your hair follicles. You must use the entire bottle on your wet hair and massage for up to five minutes before rinsing.

Once you have rinsed your hair out completely, you must use the entire bottle of the purifier and leave it on your hair for up to fifteen minutes so it can penetrate deep. Do not blow-dry your hair, just towel dry the water out of it and let it air dry without using any other hair products with or after it. It will keep your hair toxin-free for up to eight hours after your shower and is the most effective one hour afterward.


  • Safe to use on all types of hair.
  • The rinse is temporary so that you can be clean for surprise testing.
  • Works to remove all toxins from your hair from the environment to drugs.
  • The two-rinse process ensures even deep toxins around the roots of your hair get clean.


  • Might not work for higher-level hair follicle testing.
  • You must follow the instructions closely.

Our Verdict

This is a good product to get your hair clean quickly. You can use it on the same day as your test and not need to worry about any lingering toxins for up to eight hours.

What should you look for When Buying?

Time for complete effectiveness

Every type of detox shampoo comes with a time frame of effectiveness. A temporary detox will give you up to eight hours to take a drug test without testing positive. The shampoo will work to lift out all toxins from the depths of your hair. For permanent cleans, you will need to find a stronger product that you will use more frequently to continue to lift toxins out of your hair.

A permanent clean will take time as most chemicals will stay in your hair for up to ninety days. You will also need to avoid the toxins and environments that added those chemicals to your hair to make it completely effective.

Extra Instructions

If you are looking for a complete clean for your hair, you must follow the instructions. There are usually instructions that go with a detox shampoo, such as not using any of your regular hair products or even using a blow dryer. You will need to make sure you are aware of extra instructions before you assume you will pass your test while doing what you normally do.

If you add any extra hair products into your normal hair cleaning or styling routines, avoid them until you are done with your test. They can trap chemicals in your hair and cause you to fail your test.

Does the shampoo have a shelf life?

As with many types of chemical products, there can be a shelf life. If you want to keep a bottle around in case of emergency testing, you will need to keep that expiration date at the forefront of your mind. Using an expired product can cause you to fail your test. Before you buy your next bottle, make sure you check the expiration date.

You must discard outdated bottles and buy new products if you have expired products. The fresher the ingredients are, the better they will work on your hair.


Before you purchase a bottle, make sure you know what you are buying and how long it will take to work. If you need to pass a drug test, a temporary cleanse is your only choice. If you have time, a permanent cleanse is more effective in the long-term.

How Accurate are Hair Tests?

It takes up to five days for whatever you consume to grow into your hair. In a drug fair follicle test, they try to get the hair as close to the root as possible because it will give them the most accurate picture of your health. A hair follicle drug test is the most maddening and accurate test for drugs because everything you consume ends up in your hair, good and bad.

A good detoxify shampoo should strip your hair of toxins and impurities. It should also leave your hair fresh and natural without the evidence of a hair follicle detox. The tests aim to catch heavy drug use, so with patience, you should be able to scrub out evidence of any drugs you consumed.

How do Hair Drug Tests Work?

Everything you consume from food to your medications ends up in your hair. A hair drug test provides testers with a very wide detection window so they can know when you last smoked by the length of your hair. On average, your hair stores up to ninety days of everything you ate. If you a light user, it will be less likely to register on a drug test, and a detox shampoo can clean everything up to reduce detection.

If you are a heavy user, multiple applications might not get your hair completely clean. The shampoo needs to open up the hair follicle to clean the inside as well as the outside. Regular shampoos only clean the outsides and will leave all your toxins on the inside of your hair.

What if you are a heavy user?

Detox shampoos, used regularly, are rough on your hair but should get most toxins extracted before your test. If you have a limited window to get your hair clean, then you should use a heavy-duty solution. It will be hard on your hair, but you are more likely to get through the test without testing positive.

How should you care for your hair after a hair follicle detox?

As noted above, hair follicle detox kits are very hard on your hair. You can use regular shampoo to keep your hair hydrated and not so dry once you are done. You should also avoid chemicals or large amounts of heat on your hair as it can damage it more. You can buy gentile products with natural oils to get the natural life back into your hair.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right product for your needs depends on how much time you have to prepare for a hair follicle drug test. If you have time to do a deeper cleanse or are a heavy user than the Aloe Old Style Toxin Rid will be your friend.

If you have less time or do not have the time to do a deep cleanse than you should use the Clear Choice. It is a temporary cleanse that works quickly on the same day as your test. It is more expensive than other detox shampoos, but it works.

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