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February 17, 2020

A good detox pill kit is something anyone taking drugs test needs. Finding a good product takes time and research. If you are looking for the right brand, it is worth it to experiment with a few before you have a scheduled drug test, so you know it works. 

Finding the right one will take time and patience, don’t rush, and you will get what you want.

Our Top Pick

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Top 5 Detox Pills for a Drug Test

1. Toxin Rid

Toxin Rid Detox Pill

Toxin Rid will provide you with anywhere from a one day detox to a complete ten day version. Toxin Rid gives you options for a temporary detox and a full detox depending on how much time you have. Toxin Rid is all-natural, designed to clean out a body from extreme toxic exposure, and not just for THC.

All the Toxin Rid programs come with three different steps to help you cleanse your blood, urine, and saliva. You will get the same schedule no matter which product you get with a difference in the amounts. The kit comes with a pre-determined quantity of pre rid tablets and the same amounts of liquid detox and dietary fiber.

You will consume three tablets every five hours daily as you begin. You consume up to sixteen ounces of water with every dose of pre rid tablets followed by the detox liquid when you are done with the pre rid tablets. The dietary fiber you will consume around one hour before you take your test along with sixteen ounces of water.


  • Toxin Rid is a three-step cleanse.
  • Toxin Rid offers you a one, two, three, four, five, seven, and ten-day detox.
  • There is a program for any level of toxin exposure.
  • It does not make you sick.


  • If you are a heavier person, a higher level detox might require multiple uses.
  • You need to purchase the right level to ensure you get your body cleaned out.

Our Verdict

Any of the toxin Rid kits are an excellent way to get clean thoroughly. Your weight and ingestion habits can hold you back from a full cleanse, though.

2. Rescue 5 Day

Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox

The Rescue 5 Day is a permanent herbal detox. This is an advanced detox kit that uses pills that work with the body’s natural cleansing process. It works to clean out toxins that build up in your body as well as free radicals.

Rescue will clean your body out of all toxins that have entered your body as long as you don’t add new ones to your body. The kit comes with four different types of pills that you take at times throughout your cleanse that help breakdown the toxins so your body can expel them. It comes with eight of the ICE pills that you consume after you finish the initial cleansing process.

If you weigh over two hundred pounds or are a heavy user, you should look for a more intensive cleanses such as the ten-day permanent detox program. The five days Rescue works best on limited exposure and people with less body mass.


  • Natural herbs work to clean out your body.
  • You will be completely clean after five days of correct use.
  • Rescue cleanse has four different types of pills to clean your body out.
  • Your cleanse will not show up on a drug test.


  • If you are a heavy user, you will need a different cleanse.
  • If you are over two hundred pounds, you will need a different cleanse.

Our Verdict

The Rescue Five-day program will get your body clean quickly, but only for people with low body weight and who are not heavy users.

3. Detoxify Instant Clean Herbal Cleanse

Detoxify Instant Clean Herbal Cleanse

The Detoxify Instant Clean Herbal Cleanse works to detox all toxins your body takes in from anything you touch, breathe, or ingest. The Detoxifying Herbal Cleanse is for everyone that needs to take a drug test regardless of lifestyle because even healthy-livers have exposure to large amounts of toxins.

The cleanse naturally expels all your body toxins from smoking, drinking, or coming into contact with unhealthy toxins. The toxin cleanses a special combination of herbs to work with your body to naturally expel toxins while boosting your energy, immune system, and reduce inflammation that develops.

The Detoxify Instant Clean Herbal Cleanse works to remove toxins from all parts of your body, including your blood, lungs, skin, kidneys, and lymphatic system. Toxins hide throughout your body, and you can help the process by exercising and increasing your water intake and fiber intake.

You take the three capsule in order with twenty ounces of water. You continue to drink water and urinate to work all the chemicals out of your body quickly.


  • This is a temporary cleanse for a fast detox.
  • The pills are natural fruit, vitamin, and diuretic herbs that ensure your body is clean.
  • This is for everyone exposed to toxins.
  • The pills work to clean out all kinds of toxins from your body.


  • You have to clean for at least forty-eight hours before you use the kit.
  • If you are a heavy user, you will need something more powerful.

Our Verdict

The Detoxify Instant Clean Herbal Cleanse is suitable for people who need to detox their bodies. It requires time to work and is not a permanent cleanse. If you need to pass a drug test, go for one that targets the particular drugs you need out of your body.

4. Stat Flush – Extra Strength

Stat Flush – Extra Strength

The test is simple and easy to do for a temporary cleanse for a urine or blood drug test. The pills will clean out your body to give you what the instructions call a “clear zone” window to test clean. The Flush pushes toxins out of your body temporarily so you will be clean for a window starting after ninety minutes up to four hours afterward.

Five pills come in the kit and will help clean out your body even if you are a larger person over two hundred pounds or a heavy smoker. They work to eliminate, marijuana, cocaine, LSD, Nicotine, and Heroin from your body. After your initial cleanses, your body will return to the way it was with the toxins building up in your urine and bloodstream again.

Stat Flush works quickly on five different types of chemical compounds that can prevent you from passing a drug test. You must be clean for at least seventy-two hours before you take your test; this includes caffeine products like tea and coffee. You will need to consume the five tablets with forty ounces of water on an empty stomach within ten minutes.


  • You can use the cleans if you are over two hundred pounds and a heavy smoker.
  • You have a temporary four-hour window ninety minutes after taking the pills and water.
  • Stat Flush is perfect to use on the same day as a drug test.
  • Only natural ingredients.


  • It takes an hour to work.
  • You must follow the instructions completely for it to work.

Our Verdict

Stat Flush is a good system to employ for a sudden drug test at work. It buys you hope, but you will need to handle the fear of it not working. A complete detox with the time to do it will make you less nervous.

5. Herbal Clean Super QCaps Maximum Strength

Herbal Clean Super QCaps Maximum Strength

The Herbal Clean Super QCaps Maximum Strength Detox is quick. It has four capsules with concentrated herbs that flush your body free of toxins quickly. You take all four capsules with twenty-four ounces of water. After a fifteen-minute wait, you consume an additional twenty-four ounces of water and work to urinate frequently to eliminate any toxins in your body.

The detox is a same-day cleanse for the surprise drug test. You have a greater chance of passing with a pre-cleanse course and additional ingestion of water. You will also be more likely to pass if you keep yourself away from toxins, from coffee to illicit drugs, to ensure the herbs work to clean you out.


  • You can use the cleanse on the same day as your drug test.
  • It uses all-natural herbs to clean out your body.
  • It works quickly.
  • It’s simple to do.


  • The test only works for a short time.
  • You must abstain from toxins for up to forty-eight hours before use.

Our Verdict

Qcaps is a quick and easy way to get clean quickly if you have at least forty-eight hours to ensure a maximum system flush. The effects are temporary, so if you have more time, a permanent cleanse will give you more peace of mind.

What should you look for when Buying Detox Pills?

Make sure you know what time frame you are working with. Time is a huge factor when determining whether or not these products will get your clean fast enough for your drug test.


When you buy a detox kit, you want it to be accurate in its approach to cleansing your body. You don’t want to remain positive when you spend time working to detox your body. You also don’t want a test that will say you are clean when you are not. It is often worth the added price to buy something more expensive that can guarantee a clean test.

Your product needs a high enough rating of accuracy to ensure you will get your money’s worth and not lose your job.

Shelf Life

You will want to pay attention to this because expired pills will not clean your body out and can make you sick. When you are purchasing, there should be an expiration date that should be several years out.

Drug Panel

Make sure you look at the drug panel to make sure it will cleanse your body for all tested substances. You don’t want a test that will not get you clean of one or more drugs. Some types of cleansing kits will help you clean out up to twelve different kinds of drugs.

The larger the test is, the more likely you are to get a complete deep clean for everything you know you took. It will also clean out things your skin or hair absorbed without your knowledge that could fail you. It is always better to over clean then risk failing your drug test and losing your job.


How long will it take to get clean?

The test only works as well as the time frame you have. Most detox pills will give you anywhere from a day to over a week to cleans your body. 

The less time you have to clean your body out, the greater the chance of failure there is. While there are pills that claim to get you completely clean in twenty-four hours, having low levels of toxins in your body gives you a greater chance for success.

Can a drug test detect detox Pills?

No it cannot. They contain natural herbs that are in everyday foods and life that are legal.

How long does the detox last?

Detox pills will last in your body and keep you clean anywhere from a couple of hours to permanently, depending on the type of purchase. Your detox is more likely to last if you stay completely away from toxins and have a very clean environment. 

A detox of one day will not last long, and you should confirm the time you have to take your drug test and still be clean.

Can the pills make you sick?

Yes. They contain a variety of herbs that can help your body flush itself out quickly, and your body may react badly to the herbs depending on the age of the herbs and the amounts contained in the capsules. If your body is easily upset, you should look at reviews closely for people reporting upset stomachs or bad reactions.

Are detox pills worth it?

Yes, definitely. Quality detox pills will get you clean if you find the type that works well with your body. You will also never need to worry about failing a drug test if you use our recommended products. 

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