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May 29, 2020

The foundation of Aerotek was first initiated by two partners in 1983, namely Steve Bisciotti and Jim Davis. The company aimed to break the chains of the past and take Aerotek to a level where it would be recognized all across the globe. Sooner their hard work paid off as with time Aerotek became one of the world’s largest recruiting and staffing corporations with its workrooms spread all over the world.

While we talk about just the number of employees, Aerotek has more than 300,000 contract employees. Even among them, the number of internal employees is counted as around 10,000. Besides, the company also deals with more than 17,000 clients throughout the globe. The headquarter of this services-offering company is in Hanover, with about 230 non-franchised offices operating the management and other tasks.

Having enough fame and vast interests, Aerotek can be a place where you can take your professional life to a new level. One thing is for sure, whether you are a lab technician, engineer, biologist, or even a clerk but with some experience and grip on your passion, you can fairly apply to Aerotek as the preferred areas of study it focuses on are aerospace, life sciences, and engineering. All it takes is a college degree or certificate with age more than 21. However, a thing that troubles the seekers is their drug tests.

AeroTek Pre-Employment Drug Testing

According to the code of conduct of Aerotek, to ensure a drug-free workplace environment, each candidate has to pass a drug test which will further validate their enrollment. Since Aerotek is a globally recognized company with lots of projects and tasks going on every day, it is necessary to limit the chances of unsafe conditions. Also, drug addiction is the most dangerous for healthy working, so Aerotek strictly establishes an active and productive environment for its workers.

Aerotek has been offering remarkable work opportunities around the world for more than 30 years, but passing the drug test is a must to be a part of it. There is a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to substance abuse, and thus the company strictly follows its drug testing policy. The company also has the right to involve its workers in casual drug testing for the sake of a safe framework.

Many individuals may come up with the question that if they are physically fit, why a drug test? There are mainly two reasons behind it. One is to make sure that the candidate is not going to be a risk for the company, and that hiring him/her would contribute to the healthy environment that Aerotek always puts on the top of the list. Second, the drug testing is done to confirm the health of the candidates

Since Aerotek is a well-acknowledged company, it goes for long-term employees who can serve the organization without any toxic and adverse effects.

What Does AeroTek Test for?

Aerotek makes sure the person they are going to hire are fully fit and free from the effects of following drugs:

Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cannabinoids, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Ethanol, Hydrocodone, Methadone Propoxyphene, Methaqualone, Opiates, and Phencyclidine.

In case any of the impressions of above-mentioned drugs are found in the person’s body, the company immediately cancels their chance of getting employed.

How Often Does AeroTek Test for Drugs?

Though there are three ways to have drug testing, one using urine, while the others include hair or oral fluids, but in Aerotek, urine testing is mostly preferred and generally comprises 5 panels. This pre- employment drug testing has more advantages over the others as it gives more accurate results. Plus, it can be conducted in private places and is the most common type. Usually, clinical laboratories conduct the testing by taking samples and evaluating.

One thing should be noted that only those candidates will be required for testing who have already submitted for the job seats. Two days will be given to the candidates to prepare themselves for tests.

Also, drug testing varies from one position to the other, but those who are highly sensitive and require  safety must include a pre-employment test. This mainly comprises Aerotek scientific sectors in Syracuse and New York, Aerotek consulting sector at Maryland, Colorado, Baltimore, Westminster, as well as Aerotek Engineering sector in Texas and Dallas.

Most of the time, advanced testing takes place, which helps the organization save both time and money. The candidates are tested before they are given a part in Aerotek, and thus those thinking of applying must take great care of themselves. Before the tests begin, the candidates are requested to empty their pockets. Anything that the candidate brings or puts in their pockets/bags will be collected before the test.

Then the candidate is required to remove their outer garments, and the test is taken. Sometimes, a person as a testing representative listens to the sound of urine-taking to validate the honest rendering of the sample.

What Does a Failed Drug Test Mean?

If you are healthy and keep your body away from the drugs Aerotek concerns with, then there are chances you will clear the test easily. However, in case you haven’t cleared the pre-employment drug testing, you will simply be informed by the authorities that you did not qualify for the criteria of the job.

You may apply again after some time, mainly six months to a year, but that again depends on the type of seat you were seeking. Therefore, it often advised having a personal clinical drug test before applying at Aerotek to make sure you are free of drugs.


Aerotek was initiated decades ago, but the reason it has maintained its satisfaction all over the globe is the precautionary measures it takes while choosing its workers. The drug testing is one of them, as it ensures a healthy, productive environment for not only the people working in Aerotek but also the clients. As for the candidates, the drug testing is not a big deal, and with the right measures, such as Test Clear products, you can easily pass this test.



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